Become a Volunteer

Our service model is one that leverages paid staff with volunteers and students along with in-kind donations. These services are made available through private health care and community based organizations.


  • If you are a healthcare professional looking to volunteer your professional services to our patients, please click below and contact our Volunteer and Human Resources department to get your process started. These are professionals who are licensed, certified, or have finished programs that allow them to have direct patient care.
  • Healthcare professionals includes: Primary care and specialty Providers (MD, DO, APRN/NP, PA, PsyD, Therapist, etc.. ), Dentist, Pharmacist, Nurses (RN, LPN, CNA), Pharmacy Technician, Dental Hygienist, Medical Assistant (MA), Dental Assistant (DA), and many more.


  • If you are interested in volunteering in any of our departments, please click below and create an account in our Volunteer Portal.
  • Our Community Volunteers include all the volunteers that keep our clinic running everyday: Front Desk Volunteers, Interpreters, Medical scribes, Eligibility Assistants, Administrative Assistants, and many more. This includes students looking to give back to their community through service hours and clinical experience.


312 Total Volunteers

19,325 Total Hours

109 Total Students

8,553 Total Education Hours

$521,775 Value