The Ongoing Need

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The ongoing need

Our community needs VMSN to keep people healthy, working, and leading productive lives. You can be part of helping VMSN fill this need.

stethoscopeThe Robert Wood Johnson Foundation estimates that when the Affordable Care Act is implemented there will still be approximately 19 to 20 million Americans who are uninsured. Free and Charitable Clinics will be needed to close the gap in the access to care. It is estimated 16 percent of the current population would be exempt, with federal approval, from the individual mandate because they would not be able to afford the insurance option. Most of these will be older individuals with relatively low incomes. It is these patients who make up the largest portion of the patients at VMSN.

We are part of the “Safety Net,” the label for all clinics providing care to the poor, uninsured, and underserved. This “Safety Net” includes Free and Charitable Clinics, Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC), and Rural Health Centers. The difference between Free and Charitable Clinics and other members of the “Safety Net” is that Free and Charitable Clinics catch those patients who fall all the way through the cracks; we are the net under the safety net, and therefore an essential but often overlooked part of the healthcare formula.