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VMSN: Help Just in Time

For Glenda Robinson, having health insurance has always been a part of her life from her very first job.  After working in New York at her job for 18 years,  she was relocated to Las Vegas where she continued working for another four years before she was laid off.  During that four year period, Glenda was diagnosed with diabetes and glaucoma but was told by the State that she was not qualified for Medicaid to help with her medical needs.  Glenda has two children and a husband who was also going through medical issues of his own, which took a toll on the family’s finances.  Glenda was devastated when she realized that she wasn’t going to have any insurance and not be able to treat her diabetes and glaucoma anymore.  She was not able to afford any private or government insurance due to the high cost of the premiums.  “The Affordable Care Act was just horrendous for me.  It was going to be $500 a month just for me and I only made $1,100.  So it was a choice between eating and paying our bills or having health care.”

Fortunately for Glenda, the social worker from the State suggested she look into goint to Volunteers in Medicine, a place she had never heard of because she had always been insured.  Through VMSN, Glenda has received the medical care she needs in a time in her life where things are not as they should be.

“I am so grateful!  I have gotten excellent care here and medications for my diabetes and referrals to the eye doctor.  They (VMSN) have also given me full health and wellness checkups including a Pap smear and mammogram all without cost to me.”

Glenda has had pleasant experiences with the volunteers and staff of VMSN who she finds kind, thoughtful and helpful.  “You’re not made to feel ashamed.  I always feel welcomed and everyone has a smile when you walk through the door," said Brenda.

For many like Glenda, Volunteers in Medicine has been the safety net she needed when there was nowhere else to turn.