Carole Poindexter web

VMSN: A Godsend

Carole, 64 moved to Las Vegas from Colorado in 2003.  Continuing her long work history, she found employment with a good company that provided excellent medical benefits, but at 56 years old, she found herself laid off after just one year.  Her search for a new job at such a pivotal age proved fruitless and her chronic health conditions were worsening without having a regular doctor to go to.

In 2008, a friend of Carole saw Dr. Jameson on TV talking about opening a new clinic and they both eventually decided to see if they could receive help. Suffering from chronic medical problems including high cholesterol and diabetes, Carole was in desperate need of lab tests and medication.  Carole remembers visiting the Paradise Park clinic for the first time and found it to be very easy to get eligible to see a doctor.

Carole soon became a regular patient of Dr. Edgeworth receiving medical care and follow-up appointments for her diabetes and hypertension. 

“The Affordable Care Act started just before I turned 62 and eligible to retire.  I tried to sign up in April 2010 and everything went through one day and the next day they said I wasn’t qualified because I would soon get social security that May.  I tried to find out what I should do until then and after many phone calls, no one could give me any direction."

In the meantime, Carole continued to be seen at VMSN. Today, at 64 years old, Carole still makes too much for Medicaid but will be eligible for Medicare in March of 2017. She is thankful for all the care received over the years including all the new specialty services not available when she first began coming to the clinic. 

“I am so grateful for VMSN.  At the new clinic, I have my medical appointments with great doctors and get my medications at the clinic’s pharmacy.  I am also glad about all the specialty doctors like Dr. Raj Singh who I see for my kidneys.  Last year I even had my eyes checked and received new glasses. I don’t know what I would have done had I not found VMSN. This place is a Godsend.  There are so many people that need a place like VMSN, so many people.