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VMSN: A Son's Second Chance

Is there anything more intense than the fear of losing your child?  In 2014, Alan had lost his job of 27 years just as his son Alex, age 18, began to battle hodgkin’s lymphoma.  At the time Alan’s wife was also unemployed.  The family was without health care coverage when they needed it most. 

At first Alex's issue went undiagnosed.  Various practitioners had recommended tests, but no one had physically examined the young man. Meanwhile his health continued to deteriorate.  His father began to fear the worst. Fortunately, they found VMSN.  Alan knew he was in the right place when our Medical Director laid hands on his son. She was the first doctor to do so. The doctor immediately detected swollen lymph nodes and leapt into action, arranging both a biopsy and surgery within a week.

Following six months of chemotherapy and five months of radiation, Alex has maintained a clean bill of health.  With his life restored, he completed two B.S. degrees at UNLV. His first is in Physics and his second is in Geo Science.  He has since applied for and been accepted into the UNLV Geo Science graduate program.  Alex knows what it means to be given a second chance. He is determined to make the most out of his life and give back to the community that took care of him during his crisis.

“One minute we were in the donor class. The next we needed help. This organization is full of wonderful people that dedicate their time and energy to helping people in need. We had the most amazing experience in health care we’ve ever had.”~ Alan, Father to Alex