Patient Leslie

VMSN: Survival and Perseverance

Have you ever heard of a ten year old child having a stroke? In the summer of 2016, Leslie was brushing her teeth just as she did every night after dinner. She suddenly felt a sharp pain in her head, followed by numbness in her right arm that rushed down her right leg. She screamed out for her father as she fell to the floor.

Her father came rushing into the bathroom to find his oldest child a crumbled mass on the rug. Having no idea what was happening he dialed 911. They sent an ambulance. Leslie was rushed to UMC.  She was in the hospital for three weeks. Her parents were shocked when her doctor explained that she had experienced a cerebral stroke.  Leslie had lost mobility in her right arm and leg. Her speech was impaired.  She was sent home with her parents in a wheel chair.

Leslie, Ruffin Family Clinic, July 9, 2016

This family’s nightmare would only continue as they could not afford insurance. Leslie required follow-up care and medication. What were they going to do? Their doctor at UMC recommended VMSN.

Leslie''s family has been able to obtain her medication and treatments at our Ruffin Family Clinic. In addition, Leslie is now out of her wheelchair and walking. Through her own sheer will, she informed her mother that she didn’t want her wheelchair anymore, she wanted to walk. At first her mother’s reaction was, “But, you need it.” Leslie simply replied, “I think I can walk.” And so she did.

Now Leslie can go on to live a relatively normal life as she had the assistance and medical care she so desperately needed in her time of crisis. Her parents cannot begin to imagine what might have become of little Leslie had she not had quality care following her stroke. Would she have been an invalid for the rest of her life?

There are tragic medical crises in Las Vegas daily.  Most of them end up in the emergency room. This case could have gone on to be a lifetime taxpayer liability.  Instead, the family received much needed support from VMSN and their daughter‘s story is one of survival and perseverance.

"I like coming to Volunteers in Medicine because they are nice and they take care of me.  I was brushing my teeth and my head started to hurt and then I couldn’t talk and my hand and leg was numb. I was having a stroke.  Now I am able to talk and walk.  I thank Volunteers in Medicine for helping me to get better.  My name is Leslie and I am 10 years old."