Victor M.

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VMSN: A Passionate Heart

Victor M. has a passion for soccer.  As a sophomore at Clark High, he is soon to try out for the school team.  He’s been playing since he was seven.  In early 2016 Victor began having chest pains.  They would only last for a few seconds but his parents were concerned.  If Victor wanted to be a soccer star, he needed a healthy heart!

Like so many people who work in the Las Vegas community, Victor’s parents cannot afford health insurance for their family of four.  Their options were limited as to finding a medical care provider that wouldn’t put them into debt.  They knew that expensive tests would be required, but they simply didn’t have the extra money for it.  Victor's family does well to have their basic necessities met, unfortunately, there is little left over, even for Victor’s soccer gear.

Victor Moreno, July 8, 2016, Ruffin Family Clinic

A friend recommended VMSN to Victor's parents.  After meeting eligibility requirements, Victor was seen by VMSN Volunteer Dr. Robert Shiroff.   He received an EKG test and was sent to our specialist. Although he required medication, he has been cleared to try out for his high school soccer team.

Update: Victor was given the ok to try out for his high school team.  As of August 31, 2016 Victor has made the Clark High soccer team and is playing as their first string goalie. Congratulations Victor. Let your star shine bright!