Jacob K.

Jacob Kane

VMSN: So Thankful

Jacob K. was up for a promotion at work. Life seemed to be rolling right along. Then he passed out on the job. As he came to, his peers recognized the episode as diabetic induced and sent him to the hospital. Having no insurance, Jacob began to seek out medical coverage. First the State of Nevada, then the welfare department for Medicaid, followed by Clark County Services. They all denied him.

Finally, Jacob found VMSN. Within a week of making his appointment Jacob had seen the doctor and been provided his necessary medications. Since Jacob has been under our care he has been able to see multiple specialists including but not limited to: Dr. Raj Singh a nephrologist. Because we have helped him control his diabetes, his kidney function has improved as well. With our assistance, Jacob was able to receive the health care he so desperately needed.

“This is excellent service. Everybody here tries to help you as much as they can. The doctors have a caring attitude. There are many specialists available. It’s impressive and so different from other places I’ve been. It’s a full service health clinic. Without my medications I would probably be on dialysis.” ~ Jacob K.

Jacob is still a VMSN patient as he cannot afford the least expensive plan of the Affordable Care Act. The bronze plan would cost him $200 a month. It has a $6500 deductible and requires copays of $20-$100 for medications and office visits. Without our services Jacob would be hard pressed to control his diabetes and other ailments, making it difficult to maintain a fairly normal existence.