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VMSN: Angels Who Saved My Life

Gloria's story is a scary one. She was working full time at a local Casino as a host. She had recently bought a new car and was doing well at her job, having received multiple bonuses.  One day Gloria just collapsed on the casino floor.  When she came to she tried to get up and walk to her car, but could not. At the age of 42, Ms. Dillard was having a stroke. She was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. The emergency room doctor also diagnosed her with double walking pneumonia. Within 24 hours Gloria had slipped into a coma.Soon after she returned to work, she was terminated. “My hospital bill was over $300,000 which fortunately my job insurance was covering.” But once she lost her job, she soon lost her insurance. Ms. Dillard couldn’t find healthcare coverage. She feared her only hope was Medicare. She was declined but offered a list of possible options. As she began to call the list she realized that even getting an appointment was a challenge. Often people on the other end of the phone seemed abrupt and uncaring. When she contacted VMSN it felt different.

“My first impression was wonderful…I love the respect, honor and caring.  Everything was done to a T to the highest grade of dignity and it took a lot of the pressure off of me.  VMSN made my life complete again, like I had a direction. Thanks to VMSN I am getting my body and my mind back on track.”~ Gloria Dillard

Gloria Dillard has been a VMSN patient since September of 2014.  As our patient, she was able to see a gynecologist, have an annual mammogram, and an upper GI.  We have stabilized her health issues and helped her access Medicare as she is now disabled.

“When I tell people about VMSN, I tell them this is the place you can go to and be seen and get your medications…it’s the One Stop Shop!” ~Gloria D.