Katherain & Patrick

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VMSN: Providing Hope to a Couple in Need

Katherain and Patrick moved to Vegas from Jersey in 1979. It is their home. It is where they raised their children and now grandchildren. But their golden years have turned out to be not so golden. They have found themselves in their early 60’s and unemployed. Too young for social security or Medicare, they have no healthcare coverage. This is a scary situation for anyone but especially grandparents who are aging and enduring all that that process brings.

Both Patrick and Katherain have high cholesterol and high blood pressure.  Katherain also has diabetes and trouble with her knees. Medications for their blood pressure and cholesterol are not cheap.  But insulin and pain meds are at an all-time high. One of Katherain’s prescriptions alone cost $894.00 for a 90 day supply. There is no way for either of them to maintain a healthy existence without the necessary medications.

Katherain had been a preschool teacher for over twenty years.  She cared for 2 year olds. After seventeen years at a church owned daycare she was fired for reaching the maximum of her pay grade. In other words, in order to cut expenses the church terminated her, her director (who had been there for 32 years), and another teacher who had been there for fourteen years. Katherain had done nothing wrong. She had over 59,000 working hours and had taken all the required courses to maintain her position, at her own expense. But because the employer needed to cut overhead, Katherain lost her job. The loyalty she had shown her employer was not returned.

Patrick experienced a similar scenario as he was terminated in his late 50’s from a bartending position that he had held for years.  I had every award that company issued. But when a new young manager was hired he felt Patrick was too old for the gig and fired him. “At 63 I’m a dinosaur in my business. I pick up what I can, but I’m lucky to get one or two bartending gigs a month.” The Hargraves are ethical, honest, hardworking people who have been used and discarded.  They shouldn’t be without healthcare in their elder years. They worked diligently and were committed to their employers.

Following the loss of employer benefits, both Katherain and Patrick had resorted to taking their medication every other day in an effort to save on cost. They even went as far as to buy their high blood pressure medication one month and their high cholesterol medication the next. Even still they could not keep up with the expense of their prescriptions.  Fortunately, they found VMSN.

Their daughter recommended our organization.  Katherain and Patrick came into eligibility and qualified for our program.  Once their doctor realized they were taking their medication every other day, she assured them that there would be no need to share medications.  VMSN provides all of their prescriptions as well as any additional medical needs that arise. Katherain has pain in her knees, but didn’t want to mention it to the doctor. She thought it was just a part of getting old. Dr. Edgeworth noticed the difficulty she has walking and arranged for her to see an orthopedic specialist.  Katherain receives cortisone shots for her knee pain and can get around much better now.

“This place is a necessity. I wish these politicians would come in and sit in the lobby on a Friday afternoon … see how many people there are that don’t have benefits. And all the people there are here volunteering, helping them.” ~Katherain and Patrick