Karen Campos w braces web

VMSN: Dental with a Smile

Karen is a delightful 18 year old who has always been embarrassed by her smile. Although her teeth are healthy, she has crowding and overlapping. She would refuse to smile in school portraits and always hid from a camera. But now, she doesn’t have to hide anymore. Karen is received the gift of a lifetime: braces. She has always wanted her teeth straightened so that she could share her smile with others. Now thanks to VMSN’s new dental program, this beautiful young woman will be able to do just that.

Karen recently graduated from Clark High. Even though she had wanted to join the workforce at sixteen, she was uncomfortable filling out an application. She had always been taught that the most important thing in an interview was to smile. Karen was afraid that her teeth would prevent her from being able to even find a job. The timing couldn’t be better.

Our Partner, Roseman University of Health Sciences, will have their dental program provide braces for Karen by the end of the summer.  Dr. Jaleh Pourhamidi , the Program Director will be in charge of facilitating the process, as well as her follow-up care. We will have Karen in braces by the end of the summer. Just knowing that she is on her way to a beautiful smile gives her the confidence to begin interviewing.

“I am so thankful to VMSN and the new dental program. I have always wanted braces because my teeth are messed up. It makes me happy when I walk into a place and someone greets me with their smile. I want to be able to give that back to them … my best possible smile.” ~Karen C.