Anne M.

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VMSN: Giving Hope to a Mother and Daughter

Anne M., 62
Many of our patients come to VMSN when they have no other options. Anne M, was one such patient who found VMSN when she was not yet eligible for Medicaid. Her visit to VMSN revealed many health issues including renal artery complications, extremely high blood pressure resulting in several strokes.   Anne's daughter and caregiver, Freda, came to see VMSN Volunteers Dr. Robert Shiroff (Cardiology) and Dr. Charles Bernick (Neurology), who was able to provide Anne with $100's of dollars in free medication for her stroke related seizures, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Freda says "What you guys are doing is so mom is always saying how she doesn't know why Dr. Edgeworth is so nice to her and gives her hugs. She really takes the time to listen and answer her questions.  It's like the Grace of God has shined on us through VMSN...With all my mom went through with her stroke, high blood pressure, surgeries and much needed medications, she would definitely not be here without the help of VMSN. We thank you so much!"

VMSN connected Anne with a CARE representative who helped her sign up for Medicaid