Albert K.

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VMSN: A Safety Net

Albert, 64, was frightened when he got laid off from his job as a computer technician several years ago, especially when along with his job he lost his health insurance.

Albert has always been hard working, despite the many obstacles he overcomes living with Parkinson’s disease. Likely the result of a brain injury he suffered as a former professional boxer, Albert’s diagnosis made it difficult for him to hold a job; his worsening condition led to severe memory problems and made him prone to falls. When he was able to find work again it was only part-time washing dishes at a local hotel-casino, where he was not offered health insurance.

Thanks to VMSN, Albert receives regular primary medical care and, more importantly, crucial care from our volunteer neurologist Dr. Charles Bernick, and will continue to receive care until he becomes eligible for Medicare next year. “VMSN is a cushion that is there to catch people before they fall” shared Albert, “which is especially comforting for those who are between jobs.”

Volunteer Practitoners: VMSN volunteers may not necessarily have the time, but they definitely have the heart! Many of our volunteer physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners work full-time and still find time in their schedules to improve the health of uninsured Southern Nevadans in our community.  A special thanks to Dr. Bernick, the Associate Medical Director at the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, for his dedication to serving others.