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VMSN: Bridging the Gap

Due to mounting medical issues, Joyce, was forced to retire 10 months shy of her 65th birthday. Her diabetes was spiraling out of control and she could hardly walk due to neuropathy, causing numbness in her feet. It wasn’t long before she was overwhelmed by the medical bills that began to pile up.

That’s when she found VMSN. With regular medical appointments, she was able to get her diabetes and blood pressure under control. Her physician encouraged her to quit smoking, and with the help of VMSN’s collaborative partnership with the American Lung Association, Joyce attended Tobacco Cessation Program classes presented by VMSN volunteer and lung educator Richard Davis. Joyce has been smoke-free ever since. One of VMSN’s functions is bridging the gap - helping to keep people healthy and out of the hospital until they can obtain medical insurance through such programs as Medicaid and Medicare or private insurance.

Collaborating partner: Tobacco Cessation Program
Volunteers in Medicine works with many other established programs, such as “Freedom from Smoking” by the American Lung Association. As we expand our partnerships we will be including such programs as: Weight Watchers, Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and more in efforts to improve our patients’ overall lifestyle