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VMSN: Port in the Storm

VMSN often serves as a life raft for patients in need of medical care when they are between other options. Albert, 65, was one such patient who found VMSN after being diagnosed with stage four prostate cancer that had already spread to his abdomen. Uninsured and afraid, Albert couldn’t bear to tell his wife the news.

Unable to qualify for a public or private health insurance plan on his own, VMSN assisted Albert with medical, emotional and social service support during his time of need. We facilitated treatment with a medical oncologist, obtained expensive cancer medication for free that helped to shrink his tumor and referred him to the Governor’s Office of Consumer Health Assistance for help with applying for medical insurance to continue his treatment. “VMSN was my lifesaver” shared Albert. “I am so very grateful for all they have done for me.”

VMSN Medical Dispensary
Last year, the VMSN Dispensary provided approx. $2 million worth of free medications to eligible patients. Every patient goes through a medical reconciliation with a volunteer pharmacist and interpreter as needed, so they fully understand the indications and side-effects of their medication. This is done in collaboration with Roseman University’s staff and students.