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VMSN: Providing Care for the Entire Family

Teshale, 36, the single father of an 18-month-old baby girl, Nerdos, and 3-year-old son, Abel, moved to Las Vegas from Ethiopia in 2006. He discovered VMSN when he lost his job and his health insurance. Teshale and his family started coming to VMSN when he had nowhere else to turn. Thanks to the volunteer staff, Teshale is able to ensure that his children stay healthy by receiving necessary vaccines and regular pediatric care from our volunteer pediatricians, Dr. Trina Wiggins, Dr. Nana Kufuor and Dr. Marcy Kulic, allowing him to continue to look for work.

As a father, the most important thing to him is that his children have a safe and comfortable place to go for their medical needs. Teshale says that VMSN provides a deep level of care through its work. At VMSN, that culture of caring is as important to us as the medical care that Teshale and his young children receive.

VMSN Immunization Program
At VMSN, we focus on general health care, as well as preventative health care. VMSN currently offers free vaccines to children through a collaboration with the State of Nevada’s Vaccines for Children program as well as for adults, including pneumonia, tetanus, measles, hepatitis B and shingles.