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VMSN: The Answer to a Cry for Help

Silviades, 44, moved to the United States from Mexico as a child. She’s worked hard all of her life cleaning other people’s homes, rarely stopping for herself. Earlier this year, she began to suffer from recurrent skin infections, resulting in painful abscesses, which led to multiple visits to the emergency room and acute care clinics. By only seeking emergency services, no one was ever able to determine the root cause of Silviades’s condition: diabetes.

While at work, Silviades was more exhausted than usual, accompanied by a fever and chills. She was also in great pain from an abscess the size of a grapefruit on her back. A co-worker saw her crying and referred her to VMSN.

Routine lab tests diagnosed her as a diabetic. Today her condition is well-controlled and her recurrent skin infections are a thing of the past. Armed with the knowledge of how to treat her diabetes, Sylvia is very thankful that she found VMSN and now knows how to better herself.

Diabetic Education Program
At VMSN, our diabetic patients are put through education courses which instruct them on how to eat properly, monitor their blood sugar levels, and exercise. VMSN works with Dignity Health to facilitate Stanford Diabetic Self-Management Education classes in our clinic, and patients meet with Roseman University School of Pharmacy faculty and students for one-on-one diabetic education and medical management.