Aleli and Zosimo

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VMSN: A Life Raft

VMSN was the only clinic Aleli, 74, and Zosimo, 76, could find to help treat their life-threatening medical conditions. Though the husband and wife are permanent residents of the United States, they are not eligible for Medicaid or Medicare and as their health began to decline, the medical bills began to pile up.

An insulin-dependent diabetic with severe circulation problems and coronary artery disease, Aleli visited the emergency room several times because her toes had begun to decay. She desperately needed surgery to save her feet, but was told she would not survive it. When Aleli and Zosimo, who also suffers from coronary artery disease, found VMSN, Aleli weighed only 74 pounds and was confined to a wheelchair – she was giving up hope of ever being able to walk again.

With a lot of hard work and significant medical intervention by VMSN staff and volunteers, Aleli gained 20 pounds, her heart health improved and she was finally able to withstand the surgical intervention necessary to save her feet. They also both received the medications required to successfully treat their conditions. At Aleli’s last appointment, the couple walked through the doors of the clinic together.

VMSN Specialty Clinics
VMSN clinics provide primary medical care alongside a number of specialty-care clinics, including a Podiatry clinic run by Dr. Neal Marek which provides invaluable foot care to VMSN’s diabetic patients, including those suffering from neuropathy, who, like Aleli, may run the risk of losing their feet if left untreated. In addition to Podiatry, VMSN specialty clinics also include endocrinology, gynecology, nephrology and many more