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VMSN: You are Our Angels

Svetlana, 53, a chef in her homeland of Russia, moved to the United States in 2014 with her daughter to start a new life with better opportunities. Unfortunately, only months after moving to Las Vegas, she started experiencing severe health issues. Her daughter, Maria, desperate for help, found VMSN while searching the internet andimmediately sought out our services.

In April 2015, Svetlana was shocked by the news that she had cervical cancer. One month later, Svetlana received a radical hysterectomy by VMSN volunteer physician Dr. Robert Futoran, a Gynecological Oncologist who donated his services to help Svetlana. She is now receiving chemo and radiation therapy to combat the cancer. She and her daughter are extremely grateful that Svetlana was able to receive these life-saving treatments.

“You are our angels,” said Maria. “You were sent to us when we needed help the most.” Mother and daughter are most thankful that VMSN was able to diagnosis Svetlana’s cancer in order to help save her life.
VMSN Valued Community Partners: St. Rose Hospitals & Radiology Associates of Nevada
Through its vast network of invaluable community partners, VMSN also provide its patients with free radiology/imaging services through St. Rose Hospitals and Radiology Associates of Nevada and, on occasion, even life-saving surgical intervention. After confirmation of her diagnosis, Svetlana underwent a pro-bono surgery provided by Sunrise Hospital, a collaborating partnership with Volunteers in Medicine at a savings of approximately $50,000.